My name is Sir OXO and I will guide you in the adventure you are about to live. 

Enter the world of Web 3.0 and try to win money that will change your life forever.

For the launch of our adventure, I'm organizing a tournament with more than 1'000'000$ at stake for the occasion.


Own a soldier to participate !

Soldiers in the form of NFTs will allow you to participate in all my games that will be set up. These unique pieces are the ticket to play our games.


Equip your soldier!

The head is the main part of the soldier. It allows you to access our universe. 

If you want to increase the power of your soldier, you can equip him with arms and weapons: the artifacts. 

With different power levels and rarities, your goal will be to possess the most powerful soldiers.


Sir OXO'S tournament

For the launch of our games, we are setting up a huge tournament where all the warriors will face each other in knockout duels. Only one warrior will have the chance to win the final prize.


The grace of

The tournament will be made of duels in the form of direct elimination. If you lose once you are eliminated. However, Sir Oxo's Grace will give you a second chance to reach the final. You will then leave the Heaven of Ascendants to join the Land of the Fallen and continue to fight.


The treasure of

A prize pool of $1,000,000 will be offered especially for the occasion. This offer will reward the winner for the long way he has traveled in this adventure.


Sir OXO'S metaverse

This first tournament is just a sample of what we want to offer. At the end of the tournament, you will have access, to our metaverse where many games will await you, thanks to your warriors.

Oxelta is not just a game, it's a movement, a world of its own.

Games in your metaverse

Once our virtual world has been developed, your warriors and you will be able to participate in a variety of events. In the form of several games, you will have the chance to access a unique community in Web 3.0.

Enter a world where NFT technology makes sense !



All our games will be in a "play to earn" format. Only one warrior per game will be chosen to win the amount at stake. Oxelta is an ecosystem that will reward its community members on a daily basis.



We will open the doors to our metaverse after our tournament. Check out our roadmap for more information.